I am a rock

Still thinking about those amazing rocks at the centre of Australia, Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Had a little bit of a challenging day today, and I could feel myself becoming unsettled when someone criticised me during a phonecall. So I’ve been remembering the stability of the great rocks at the heart of our land, and drawing upon that strength and stability, instead of feeling shaken and wobbly. I am a rock.

I am a rock
Sun setting over Kata Tjuta

Here’s another extract from my book “Who Am I?” The book contains beautiful line illustrations by Linda Franklin, but I’m sure she won’t mind if today I use this photo instead to illustrate the following text.

I am a rock
I am solid rock. My nature is enduring; I stay true to myself no matter what changes occur around me. I protect the way things are. I am not seduced by novelty. I respect the past and won’t abandon it without good reason.

I am strong and resistant, but not stubborn. I can be moulded. Over time I can be shaped by water. Patience is my great virtue, the secret to my inner peace.

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