Who am I? I am a Sunrise

First morning back home after Uluru, I picked up my book “Who Am I?” and randomly opened it, to the page “I am a Sunrise.” Seems to reflect how I am feeling after the refreshment of the desert, so I am including the text below. I’ve included a photo of the sun touching the top of Uluru, igniting the golden tones that give me so much energy.

Sun rising over Uluru, June 2011, turning the tip to gold

I am a sunrise
The dark night— the domain of dreams and inertia—is over. I herald the new day, where dreams are fulfilled. I offer unlimited opportunities for experiencing love, peace and happiness. A new day is dawning, and it’s going to be wonderful. Nothing need ever be the same again. My rosy pink optimism dispels the darkness and my golden enthusiasm invites the sky to display its vast spaciousness where anything is possible. With such a spectacular start it’s going to be a beautiful day.

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