Sound work

What is sound work?

Sound work is a recent addition to the array of modalities available for enhancing personal growth and wellbeing.  Now, sound work is being included to support conferences, seminars and retreats, as well as individual wellness sessions.

For example, at a recent 4 day intensive Leadership Retreat, Carmen and David were invited to bring their sound work to support the participants in their learning.   David and Carmen played the singing bowls during sessions with the intention of drawing each one’s awareness more deeply into themself.  They used kalimba, small drums, chimes and vocals to change moods, and energise participants between sessions.  They conducted a sound workshop one afternoon, on another occasion they gave the participants and facilitors a soundbath, they facilitated a Saturday evening concert including a “bush orchestra” where the participants played “instruments” they’d found in the bush.  At the closing feedback, every single participant noted that without the sound work, they couldn’t have gone as deep into their learning.

Carmen and David’s sound work is intuitive.  They draw upon their life-long skills to feed their intuition, including:

an ability to listen deeply, not just to what is being said, but to the intentions and feelings
their musical skills, as professional performers for over 30 years
the concentration skills and understanding of the human psyche gained from over 30 years’ meditation practise.


Carmen and David offer individual and group soundbaths.   Please visit the Soundbath page to find out more.