At the end off 1999, Carmen one day called out to the universe in a moment of frustration “what the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life?”.  Over the next 2 hours, she sat and wrote, and realised that a book was on the way. She completed the first draft within two weeks.  She had the fortune to find a wonderful editor at Lothian Books, Magnolia Gee, who encouraged her to rewrite a second draft, and the book “Today I will” became an Australian best-seller.

In 2002 she invited Linda Franklin to illustrate her second book “Who am I?” also published by Lothian.

In 2005 Lothian was bought by Hachette Livre.

In 2015 Sophie Hamley, of Hachette Australia, suggested redesigning and re-releasing “Today I Will…” available January 2016.  The book and e-book can be purchased from Booktopia

In 2017, Hachette Australia redesigned her second book, retitled it as “Today I Am…” and re-released this new edition in January 2017.  The e-book can be purchased from Booktopia.