Soundbath Instruments

What instruments are used during a soundbath?

We play a variety of instruments during the session including

  • Alchemy Quartz crystal singing bowls – pure and ethereal
  • Tibetan and Japanese metal singing bowls – powerful and vibrant
  • Large classic frosted quartz crystal singing bowl – comforting and powerful
  • Bamboo Koshi chimes – delicate and nurturing
  • Bells and chimes – sparkling, shimmering, cleansing
  • Chinese gong – transformative and energizing
  • Tasmanian frame-drum – pulse of the Mother Earth, heartbeat
  • brass glockenspiel – charming and sweet
  • and voice – a healing balm for your soul.

Additional instruments used for larger groups include

  • Indian drone – lyrical and hypnotic
  • South African kalimba – lyrical and soothing

The sounds will swirl around you, over you and through you, and will at times seem ethereal, lyrical, powerful, other-worldly and comforting.  

Additional Instruments for large groups