Information underload

One of the things I appreciate about going to Uluru is the complete rest for my brain. There is almost nothing to read in the landscape – only an occasional signpost to direct you to sunrise viewing point or car parking areas. For me, living in the city, working at a computer every day, my brain sometimes feels like it’s sizzling, with far too much information in the form of human-electricity jumping back and forth across synapses. Just being in the desert for a couple of days gave my brain the holiday it needed. At the wonderful Uluru Cultural Centre, we are guided to appreciate the country the way the local Anangu people do – to listen to the land, the wind, the birds, the insects, and to feel the land. Beautiful. May I suggest you find a few minutes today to experience “information underload” … go outside, and for a few moments listen to some birds, or maybe the wind rustling in the leaves, or look at the sky, watch some clouds, or find the moon tonight.

The birds love the nectar from these beautiful yellow flowers, currently in abundance at Uluru, June 2011

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