CD of singing bowls

The Hour of Nectar – Carmen Warrington and David Jones

Meditation music … healing sounds of Tibetan, Japanese and quartz crystal singing bowls.

The music on this album has been described as profoundly peaceful, extremely relaxing, soothing, hypnotic, calming, sublime and hauntingly beautiful. The most relaxing music you will ever hear. Let thoughts and worries fade from your mind … enjoy the stillness of The Hour of Nectar.

“WOW! The power of that recording is beyond anything else I’ve experienced in meditation. The after-affects have been quite extraordinary for me personally.”  (a satisfied customer)

This CD is subtle, spacious, open … a soul massage.  All you have to do is listen. Let the sounds take you away from everyday thoughts, concerns and worries. The music energises your soul. Let it wash over you. Recorded at the special meditation time of 4am.

You may find this music appropriate for meditation, a gentle call to prayer, yoga, tai chi, qigong etc, massage, reiki and other natural therapies, study, vibrational medicine, to relieve anxiety, to drift off to sleep.

10 tracks, 60 minutes

Where can I listen to some samples of The Hour of Nectar?

Listen or purchase mp3s at Bandcamp or the iTunes store.

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