“Everyone said it was the most beautiful service they had been to.”
T. Byrne

“I would like to thank you for the sensitive and caring way you conducted L’s service. Virtually everyone commented to me that it was one of the most moving funerals they had been to. So for that I thank you sincerely.”
Ken P

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your beautiful words, support and direction at D’s funeral. It was a perfect ceremony and a perfect way to celebrate D’s life.”

“Thank you for your help in paying tribute to Dad. It was nice to have the continuity from Dad’s funeral through to his ashes interment. Your calm and gentle presence made Friday’s ceremony much easier for us. You were easy to work with: calm, reassuring and professional. We could not have asked for more.”
Kim S

“You have the ability to fully honour the departed and also the sensibility to deal with the complex dynamic within the family members. I’m grateful for your patience, openness and intuitive manner.”
Nieves Rivera

“Please accept my thanks, and those of Glenn’s family and friends, for the truly wonderful way you helped us to celebrate his life.  It was truly the story of Glenn’s life, and a fitting and beautiful way to say goodbye to a wonderful, flawed, beautiful, well-loved man.  Yours is a difficult job at times I imagine, and you do it with compassion and enormous grace.  Thank you.” 
Alison Watts

“I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful job at dad’s service. Everybody complimented us on our choice of celebrant and a few were convinced you were a close family friend as you obviously knew us so well!  It was a great day and a service I think dad would have approved of. Especially our dance moves!”

“I was present this afternoon at TarraWarra for the service for Kirstie and Isak and I commend you on the excellent way you conducted the whole service and the calming atmosphere you engendered to those who had suffered this terrible loss and those of us who had come to remember former friends and work colleagues.  Once again thank you.”
Rex Harvey

“We wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your guidance and considerable input in helping us compile our tribute to our Mum.  You showed much compassion and sincerity while doing so.  In asking us many “deep and meaningful questions” you instigated open discussion by all four of us. We greatly appreciate the opportunity this gave us to develop a better understanding of each other.
Following the service, we have had many comments on the obvious amount of time you had taken in the preparation of the service and how truly it reflected our Mum.  Sincere thanks from the Barnes girls.” 

Lee Avis Jacqui Ronda

“Thank you so much for your beautiful self – calming, joyful, unique. I could not have imagined such an amazing ceremony without your inspiring presence. You soothed our hearts and made us serene in the midst of painful change.”
Candela Alvarez-Rivera

“Thank you so much for all that you did to help me with the day and putting it all together. Everyone said it was the most beautiful service they had been to. And I felt really good being there and it was because you were so fantastic with everything.”
Tara B

“I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the family for the time, effort and interest you took in helping out with Nan’s service. Your attention to detail and leading questions not only contributed to a better tribute than we could have hoped for but I think we also learned a little more about Nan and even ourselves in the process.”
Cam D, Bentleigh

“thank you for the effort you put in for mum’s sevice. My family and friends enjoyed it very much. It was a lovely service I know mum would have enjoyed its simplicity. I have not seen my brothers weep since they were children, so it obviously hit the right note.”
Julie M

“I just wanted to thank you properly for all the hard work you put into mum’s service. It really was very special, and you did it beautifully.  Many people have commented on how well it went, what a special tribute it was to mum, and how perfect you were at running the service.  In fact, I think you read my piece better than I could have done myself (even putting the emotion aside). For that, I am truly grateful.  Hopefully we won’t need your services again in the near future (I hope you know I mean this in the nicest possible way), but if we do, you will certainly be at the top of my list.  All the best, and thanks again for a job very well done.

“Carmen has been such a great help to our family through this difficult period. She showed sensitivity, patience and deep understanding in our time of sadness, making the funeral more like a celebration.”
Ross Williams

“I have just read the service and I think it is beautiful and really captures beautifully what we feel about Steve.”

Jenni W

“Everyone was really touched by the magic of your calmness. You talked about the soul moving on in a natural way that really helped all the family accept my mother’s passing.”
Carmela Santisi

“It all came together beautifully and to have you with us was a blessing. Thankyou for your sweet tenderness during this testing time. Your words were beautiful and your presence even more so.”
Carla Alvarez

“I think you being there was such a blessing. Times were getting tense and the stress was starting to get to everyone but you appeared like an angel and calmed everyone’s spirits. Thank you for the countless times you helped in these sad days. You brought a light with you”

“Carmen, you were able to bring together the many facets of Nan’s life and personality through Peter & Sally’s memories. You were able to perceptively distill their thoughts and memories with clarity to write a eulogy that even Nan would have enjoyed. You didn’t dwell on the delightful nor overstate the less agreeable, making Nan a very real person, whose life and interests were tangible even to those who didn’t have the pleasure of really knowing her. Peter and I spend a large part of our working lives editing and proofreading copy and we were delighted to have little need for the blue pencil in any of the written material you produced! That is a true testament to your ability to extract just the salient information.

And your delivery, whilst beautifully spoken, did not hint of dramatisation nor was it too funereal. You were able to add relevant and poignant recitals of your own thoughtful choosing, including Tennyson and de Beauvoir. They were perfect. You didn’t dwell on religious conventions, as requested, but were able to involve those in the gatherings who would have found that important.

We are all very thankful that you were able to steer us through this difficult stage of Nan’s life.
Claire Inchbold

“Thank you so much for Carlos’ service, it was filled with Grace and Love.”
Toni Alayalis

“There is much more to Carmen Warrington than her gift of words, her soft, caressing voice and her gentle, warming presence. A carefully nurtured spiritual consciousness infuses her understanding of life with light, depth and subtlety. Carmen’s attitude of giving and doing with love makes her a special presence in any gathering.”
Judi Pemell