Sounds of Peace concerts

 Carmen and David present Sounds of Peace concerts.  These are musical evenings dedicated to creating a feeling of inner peace and quiet fulfilment.  They have performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India as well as throughout Australia.


The Sounds of Peace as a duo is filled wtih the rich and creative music of their singing bowls, plus David’s exquisite mastery of gentle percussion including kalimbas, chimes, Indian drone instrument, and tambourine (nobody can make the tambourine come alive like David does!), and Carmen’s ethereal songs and sublimely soothing spoken word.  The audience is invited to allow stillness to replace applause between each of the pieces, contributing to the overall sense of peace.  We usually tell our audiences that they can expect to float home afterwards!


The Sounds of Peace concert might also be an ensemble of musicians who are all meditators.  The artists all sit quietly onstage, and again there is silence instead of applause between each item.  The music is usually improvised and very very peaceful.  Artists we have had the pleasure of working with so far include

James Morrison (trumpet), Evripides Evripidou (bass and synthesisers), Fiona Burnett (soprano saxophone), Susie Nelson-Smith (crystal bowls), Mike Johnson (harp), Megan Kenny (flute), Christine Sullivan (voice), Rupert Guenther (violin), David Hirschfelder (piano), Jane Rutter (flute), Murray and Dorothy Wright (lyres), Michael Conolan (cello), Tony Buchanan (flute), Lenny de Vries (dance), David Kilowsky (sitar), Nicholas Ng (Ehru), Bronwyn Kirkpatrick (shakuhachi), Justine Bradley (voice), Heather Lee and Kim Cunio (voices, harmonium).