Book a soundbath

Book a Soundbath with Carmen

Soundbath sessions are available for individuals, small groups, large groups, yoga studios, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Cost and details upon enquiry – or 0412 044 110.

Soundbath for a group in your Home

Consider booking a Soundbath in your home to share with your family and friends.  Carmen will bring the instruments to your home.  We will discuss which room in the house would be suitable, and whether you would like your guests to be seated or lie down. We will consider any external noises that may interrupt the Soundbath (eg if it is during the day, is there construction work going on next door).

Soundbath in your workplace

Consider booking a Soundbath at your workplace, to share with your colleagues.  Carmen will bring the instruments to your home. Time needs to be allowed for parking, carrying instruments into the venue, and half an hour setting up the instruments.  Also, considerations of noise in the surroundings will be discussed with Carmen.

Individual Soundbath 

If you would like to feel completely surrounded by the sounds, then consider booking in for an individual session.

Soundbath for peace and wellbeing

Give yourself a break from the dense, grating, heavy vibrations of the modern world.  You will experience the most exquisite relaxation as you release stress and heaviness and recover a sense of peace and wellbeing in body and soul.