The Sanctuary Experience
– a community service project

The Sanctuary Experience is designed to support an atmosphere of peace and stillness for people affected by natural and manmade emergencies. 

These meditations provide a space to feel calm, secure and safe. They provide a little time for some self-care, a gentle place of rest and comfort, a healing space.

The guided meditations are voiced by Carmen Warrington, who also created the soothing music.  Carmen is well-known around the world for her BK commentaries and also for the ABC series ‘Meditations for Life’, in partnership with master percussionist, David Jones. Carmen supports people to connect with their own inner peaceful sanctuary.

You may listen to these commentaries individually or together.  Taken together, they have more power to soothe.

Learn Meditation Online

If you would like to learn BK Meditation (which Carmen has studied since 1984) take a look at the free online meditation course – Carmen co-authored the course with Annie Waltham, and also contributed some guided meditation commentaries to the course.