The New Year Moon

Did anyone see the moon just after the new year began?
Last night (and this morning) I spent a glorious time with my dear friends. We sat in a beautiful room lit by candles and Morrocan lamps, and listened to each other tell the story of our 2011, and what we had learnt from the year. On hearing the boom of distant fireworks we walked across the road to the beach to catch a glimpse of sky magic. Well we certainly saw some sky magic. We could hardly see the fireworks, they were so far away, but the moon … oh what a moon. A golden crescent moon hung in the sky, just above the ocean. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Then a cloud slowly edged in front of the moon, and somehow made the moon change shape. We all saw it as a sinking ship, then an exquisite golden sparrow, then it split into 3 chunks of golden rock hanging in the sky. None of us had ever seen such a show by the moon before, and we all felt how special this moment was to share together – our first magic moment of 2012. We all made a wish.

I think 2012 is going to be a great year. Enjoy every moment.

To celebrate the moon, here’s an excerpt from my book “Who Am I?”

It’s about the physical moon and sun and earth, and also a metaphor exploring the balance between spirituality and the material world.

Till next we chat, peace and blessings to you.

I am the moon
I run playful circles around the Earth, but I have a love-affair with the Sun. The Earth is the world with which I interact, for it is where my light falls, but the Sun is the source of my light. I play a game with the sun, orbiting the playing field of Earth, while keeping my face to the Sun.

The dance of life takes we three into many configurations. Sometimes the Earth stands between me and my beloved Sun and I fall into darkness. Sometimes I am completely bathed in sunlight and the Earth enjoys my radiant fullness. What a dance! What a game of waxing and waning light. What bliss when I am fully facing the Sun.

I am the Moon – illustration by Linda Franklin from our book “Who Am I?”

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