I’m very fortunate at the moment to have a job narrating an audiobook. It’s my first audiobook, and I am so blessed to be reading Stephanie Dowrick’s incredibly wonderful book “Choosing Happiness: life and soul essentials”.
Reading a book out loud, one’s mouth frequently trips up on complex sentences, and this happened in this morning’s session. Why I’m telling you about it is because in the process of stumbling, my mouth invented a new word. Riskovery. I like this new word. Risk Discovery. One of the riskiest activities I know is the risk you take in looking at yourself, and just maybe not liking what you find there. But, knowing all about yourself is the first step to accepting yourself, valuing and loving yourself.

I am a Student - from Who Am I? illustrated by Linda Franklin

Here’s a page from my book “Who Am I?”

I am a student

I am a student in the school of life, taking a practical course in happiness.  People, situations and events present me with opportunities for learning.  Instead of asking ‘Why me?’ the student asks ‘What is the lesson here?’  I am in a class of my own, a class especially made for me.   Until a lesson is learnt its circumstances will continue to recur, in a variety of shapes and forms.  I may be given small tests or a major examination to chart my progress in the school of life.

To pass with honour, I work closely with my wise teacher who encourages me to discover my own answers.  In this way I gain lasting wisdom.

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