Melbourne City Morning Meditation

Tues 27 May 2014 7.45am to 8.45am – presented by Calm in the City – more info here

Calm in the City joins with CPX and The Village, NAB, to present a very special event:

“Creative Meditation: Integrating the Art of Meditation into Busy Lives”

with David Jones & Carmen Warrington.

Join ABC meditation artist Carmen Warrington and master percussionist David Jones as they share how the art of meditation can easily be integrated into busy lives to enhance creativity, innovation and performance – in any field.

This unique event will also be experiential in nature; you will also be guided into your deep inner place of calm using gentle guided commentary accompanied by soothing sounds of percussion, Tibetan and Japanese bowls.
Suitable for both experienced meditators and those new to meditation, this session will be an insightful as well as an empowering way to start the day and set the ‘tone’ for the rest of the week!

About Carmen Warrington
Carmen Warrington began studying meditation in 1984 and soon discovered her gift of helping others experience peace through her heartfelt words and deeply nurturing and soothing voice. She is often referred to as “The Voice of Peace”. She is also a highly regarded funeral celebrant and she collaborates with her long-time partner David Jones in a variety of uplifting concerts and recordings. Her CDs have helped thousands of people around the world find peace and inner strength and she, with David, has recently released eight ABC Meditations for Life CD series.

About David Jones
David Jones is an award-winning and highly-acclaimed drummer-percussionist, admired by musicians and music-lovers around the world. He is often described as one of the world’s most innovative and musical drummers – a true virtuoso musician. He began studying meditation in 1984, and since then has integrated subtle sounds and vibrations into his music-making. He is a drummer who loves silence and enjoys the universe of percussion instruments, especially his collection of Tibetan, Japanese and crystal singing bowls which feature on his many recordings.
All Calm in the City events are a gift to the city community. We look forward to seeing you there!

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