I am a Magnet

It’s important to keep revisiting my beliefs, knowing that I attract events, experiences, relationships, everything, according to my beliefs and attitudes. Every day I am reminded of this, one way or another. Sometimes beliefs are so deeply entrenched that I can’t identify them. And then life kindly offers me an opportunity to question myself and see what is driving me.

Here’s another page from my book “Who Am I?” and it’s called “I am a Magnet”

I am a Magnet – illustration by Linda Franklin

I am a magnet
Who I believe I am has a more powerful influence over me than who I am. Each belief I hold carries a magnetic field that draws a similar energy towards me. The more conviction I have that a belief is true, the more powerful is its magnetic pull.

If I believe I am lucky, good fortune is attracted to me. If I believe I deserve to be treated badly, I attract abusive relationships. If I believe I am nothing special, I attract experiences in which I become invisible. My worst fears and my greatest hopes are magnetically attracting experiences to me. It is time to review the beliefs I hold about myself.

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