Personal Qualities

Carmen is perfectly suited to the role of celebrant with her gentle, compassionate manner, her ability to listen deeply and empathise with families, her sensitivity, depth and warm caring. At the heart of all her work is a belief in the beauty and value of every person, no matter what.

Soothing Voice

Carmen is a long-time meditator and has for many years guided people into peace of mind with her meditation commentaries. People are genuinely soothed by her beautiful, calming voice and heartfelt words.

Great Listener

Through listening to families share their stories, and asking the right questions, Carmen is able to write a eulogy that accurately and lovingly represents the person.  After a funeral, people often ask her whether she actually knew the deceased, because she has presented their life and personality so truthfully.

Creative Communicator

Her background is in communication. She trained as an actress at NIDA and knows how to deliver poetry and prose with meaning and artistry. She is also a best-selling author of two inspirational books and brings her writing skills to the task of portraying each life with respect, dignity and significance. She has an ability to choose the right words to serve the needs of those present, both as a writer and as a public speaker.


She works with families to create a service that reflects their values and beliefs. She encourages individuality in the design of every service so that it holds personal meaning for the family.


She understands the importance of participation in the service rather than letting the professionals do everything, and through consultation with you, seeks ways to include your family’s involvement on the day.


Carmen’s spiritual integrity creates a safe environment where emotions can be expressed and released. After release, the human heart returns to peace.


Carmen is committed to providing the highest quality service.