Carmen remembers to trust

Sitting on the bus, half way to Uluru now, and it’s pouring with rain. So different to what I was expecting. There’s a little voice inside me trying to be heard, it’s saying “This is going to be a disappointment”.  But the interesting thing about being a long-term

a bus, in the rain – not how I planned it – I trust

meditator is that you notice these thoughts when they are still seeds. Before I learnt about meditation and how the mind works I probably would have grown a jungle of disappointment by now. But I’m content to notice this little seed, and instead of watering it, I’m adding another seed next to it, the seed of trust. I trust that this is exactly the right time for me to be here, and that I will have the holiday I’m meant to have.

Earlier this year I wrote a meditation about trust and I’m finding it helpful this afternoon to reflect on the words:

I am strong and my mind is powerful.
I turn away from limiting thoughts and beliefs.
I choose to fill my mind with energising, helpful thoughts.
I allow myself to return to a state of trust
I trust in life, I trust in myself, I trust.
Everything I need I already have.
Everything I have a right to claim will come to me.
I trust
Every person who belongs in my circle of love ill find me
Every purpose for which I came here will be fulfilled
I trust
Everything I no longer need will make way for something new
Everything I need I already have
I trust
I trust in life.

(If you would like to hear this meditation with David’s beautiful music, it’s on the CD called “Worry-free: meditations to reduce anxiety and tension”, part of the ABC “Meditations for Life” series. There’s information on our website

The daylight will be gone soon, back to watching the raindrops skip across the bus window.

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