Meditation Guide

With 31 years of personal meditation practice, Carmen uses her insights and creativity to help other people experience the stillness and inner peace achieved in meditation..  She is well-known and highly regarded around the world for her meditation commentaries.

The Voice of Peace

She is often referred to as "the voice of peace". Intriguingly, even people who don't speak English find her commentaries a great aid in their meditation.  There's something about the tone of her voice, which is imbued with her own peace experience.  Her commentaries come from an authentic place.

Meditation - Something for Everyone

Carmen believes that meditation offers something for everyone, and enhances all facets of our being, from physical relaxation and recovery from illness, to peace of mind and creativity, and from emotional freedom to exploration of one's soul.

"Meditations for Life" series, through ABC Music.

In 2010 Carmen and her partner David Jones were commissioned by ABC Music in Australia to create a series of meditation CDs for the general public.  "Meditations for Life" is an ongoing series of guided meditation commentaries with beautiful music, covering a range of topics.

Meditations for Life presents a series of guided meditation CDs, accompanied by gentle, ambient msuic, designed to help you relax, relieve stress and feel refreshed.

Current CDs are

  1. Rest well, sleep well - Relax and prepare for a perfect, restful sleep
  2. Take 5 - Five minute meditations for busy people
  3. Peaceful - A return to your natural way of being
  4. Today I will - Creative visualisations to make your life calm
  5. Relax - Meditation vacations for body and mind
  6. Worry-free - Meditations to reduce anxiety and tension
  7. Healing - Meditations to support recovery and wellbeing
  8. The Magical Forest - Meditation adventures for children

Series 1 was released in July 2010 and Series 2 was released in May 2011.  Buy them here.

Along with writing and speaking the meditations, Carmen is also the recording and mixing engineer.  She and her partner create the music at their Double Light Studios in Melbourne.

Insight Timer App

In January 2016, Carmen was invited to contribute a guided meditation commentary to this App.  She created the commentary "Tell Yourself Relax" - which is also available for purchase from her bandcamp page

Carmen studies meditation with the Brahma Kumaris.  The method taught is Raja Yoga meditation, (also known as BK Meditation).  It's a meditation practice that uses contemplation and concentration techniques to reach a place of peace and inner wellbeing.

If you would like to learn more about BK Meditation, please visit the Learn Meditation Online  website co-authored by Carmen and Annie Waltham


Carmen's Meditations on Spiritual Themes - CDs produced by the Brahma Kumaris

Peace of Mind
Lights of the World
World of Relationships
Learn How to Meditate - available on itunes store
The Jewel
Volcano Series (7 CD set for advanced students of Raja Yoga Meditation)

The following CDs are written by Margaret Pinkerton, spoken by Carmen Warrington

Healing Heart and Soul
Moving On 1 available on itunes store
Moving On 2 available on itunes store