Carmen interviewed on Overnighters on ABC Local Radio

On 4th September 2010, at 4.15am, I was interviewed on the ABC Radio program Overnighters.  The show is based in Sydney, and I live in Melbourne.  The ABC offered me the opportunity to do the interview by phone, but I chose instead to go into the Melbourne Southbank studio, and enter “The Tardis”.  Yes, all Dr Who fans will be smiling at this.  It’s an empty studio with a hookup to the studio in Sydney, so I sat on my own in Melbourne, listening with headphones to Rod.  It sounds like we are in the same room when you listen to it.  It was definitely worth getting up in the early morning and driving to Southbank, because the quality of the audio is much nicer than if I had been talking on a telephone to Rod.

Rod was a wonderful conversationalist and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with his friendly style.

You can hear the interview, or download it as a podcast, by visiting here.

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