Carmen goes with the flow … literally

Well, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “go with the flow”.  This trip to Uluru is reminding me to do just that.  We’ve flown from Melbourne to Alice Springs.  The airline has just announced that the next flight, which was to deliver us to Uluru, has been cancelled.  Apparently it’s raining heavily in the desert and the plane won’t be able to land.

They are providing a bus service, but it’s a long trip, and we’ll arrive at Uluru in the night instead of the afternoon.  And all we can do is go with the flow … of rain.  You can’t fight Mother Nature.  My main concern is to rid myself of a feeling of disappointment that I won’t see that bright blue sky and the blazing red desert – I was really looking forward to that.  But it seems that this, my third trip “home” is going to offer me a new experience, and some new personal insights no doubt.

Acceptance is a wonderful thing – I accept that this is how my holiday is going to be.  Thank you Mother Nature for reminding me of this lesson.

I’ve just heard that the reason there are no hire cars is that there is a big desert race going on this weekend.

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