Recording Artist

 Apart from Carmen’s many guided meditation CDs, she also appears on a number of music CDs.

“Flying” and “Seasons of the Heart” were recorded by the band AtmaSphere, a jazz-fusion ensemble of the early 1990’s led by master-drummer David Jones.

Carmen appears in 1 track titled “Light” on the ABC release “Meditations on Love”.

In the early 1990’s Carmen formed the band Shimmer, co-writing all the songs with the band.  An EP was produced entitled “feed your soul”.   You can purchase shimmer songs at Carmen’s online shop

In 2008, the Japan ensemble Joy 2 (pronounced Joy-Joy) released an album “Healing Voices”, and Carmen was invited to create a narration for a song on that album.

Stephanie Dowrick invited Carmen to narrate her wonderful book Choosing Happiness (available as audio book).